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'Eat Your Heart Out'

Eat Your Heart Out was a project I worked on with some incredibly talented bakers. A collaboration between myself and shock-tactic 'creative' Miss Cakehead (who had used the bakers previously) the main aim from the point of view of our fully qualified medical staff was to raise awareness of Pathology and Anatomy in a unique way. Lots of hard work went into ensuring the cakes were provocative but not gratuitous and juvenile, and I drew on my anatomy career and medical knowledge to devise the menu with the bakers who can literally create anything out of cake! I used my article about Funeral Biscuits, entitled 'Mourning Coffee' as the basis for my press night presentation, and you can read that on this blog. I also arranged a series of very short lectures to accompany the 3 day cake-fest, bribed security staff and WI members to volunteer and persuaded our powers-that-be to give us this opportunity to be unique in such a large organisation with a lot of rules and red tape. 
It wasn't easy, and I couldn't have done any of it without the wonderful Sarah Cox and her contacts in the Scientific media, her professionalism and her full support. It also would not have been possible whatsoever without the amazing bakers and I wanted to update this site with a thank you to everyone involved as I'm still receiving queries about this event and I hope the bakers are still receiving lots of work!!
Disclaimer: This was a not-for-profit venture for Barts Pathology Museum and we received no money for the work we carried out
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Red Blood Cell (Erythrocyte) Cupcakes - Denise Bakes Cakes

Healthy/Unhealthy Lung Cake - Sarah Hardy

Bloody Ear Cookies: Nevie Pie Cakes

Breast Anatomy Cupcake: Miss Insomnia Tulip
Carbuncle Bars: Miss Insomnia Tulip

STD cakes: Two Little Cats Bakery (Jenni Powell)

Antiqu-ey Anatomical cupcakes: Tattoo Cakes (Nicola Shipley)

'Petri Dish' jelly cocktails: Conjurer's Kitchen

Mole  cup-cakes: Tattoo Cakes

Toe Fungus Cup-cakes: Nevie Pie Cakes
(As seen on Blue Peter)

Anatomical Macaroons: Miss Insomnia Tulip

Little brain truffles

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