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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"Rock 'n' Roll" Afternoon Tea @ Bar 190, The Gore Hotel
Despite making a reservation for their famous Rock 'n' Roll Tea, the staff here seemed to have no idea what we were asking for and after much to-ing and fro-ing tried to sit us in the Bistro for an ordinary tea. The way we were dressed and the conversation we were having, that bistro would have thrown us out within 5 minutes! Thankfully we were moved back to Bar 190 and allocated some seats, and we were brought our Jack Daniels and coke as mentioned on the menu. Now we knew the 'theme' of this tea was Jack Daniels so we were happy with the drinks, and waited patiently for the food... What we didn't know was that we weren't getting any actual tea....
This really was Rock 'n' Roll! 
We ate the most delicious little finger sandwiches, eclairs and scones with clotted cream, and washed it all down with JD and coke :)
We were then served an extra plate of mini-muffins literally soaked in JD and some JD flavour biscuits that tasted very home-made.... 
We weren't keen on the mini blueberry and lemon tarts as they were far too tangy, but there was so much food it didn't matter. Between the four of us we couldn't eat it all anyway. Which is silly because lining our stomachs better would have been a good idea :)

The price for the tea was average for a good hotel and had a better than average selection, but we spent far more on subsequent JD and cokes. This was because the atmosphere and the bar itself were fantastic! And the soundtrack of Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and various Tarantino film songs made up for all the messing about in the beginning, so we just got comfy and stayed there..
All in all, this was a sexy bar with a good history of Rock'n'Roll debauchery - so you can act a lot more naughty than you can at most afternoon teas! The meal itself is not expensive by premium hotel standards, but watch your intake of extra drinks because they will set you back much more money. And there is an option to have tea instead of JD, so that may be a better way to keep you from copying Jagger's Rock'n'Roll excess :)
(Incidentally, the most ironic thing about this day was that by the time I got home, I'd had so much JD and was feeling so tipsy that the first thing I did was make a huge cup of good old Tetley xox

"Sip"-tease Rating: *
Pa"Tease"erie Rating:***
Boudoir or Boring? rating:*****
Service With (nothing but) a Smile Rating:**
Cheap or Chic? Rating:**

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