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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shoreditch 'Clandestine Cake Club' - Meeting 2:
"Film Fatale"...a film noir theme
"I stumble down a dimly lit street, swirling tendrils of fog caressing my stocking-clad gams. I've been searching for a joint to re-touch my lipstick, kick off my high heels and grab a rum-cola. Ahead of me, through the smog I see the dimly lit windows of Shoreditch Grind  - the welcoming glow beckoning me in. It seems as good a place as any to shake Big Johnny off my tail, and it's full of dames like me - dames in heels eating cake and getting tight.... I enter and the music of Nat King Cole envelopes me like an embrace. I walk, relieved, towards the bar..."
Ok so that didn't happen, but we did have our 2nd CCC in Shoreditch at the Grind, a fabulous cinema style cafe that stays open late during the weekend to serve alcohol. It was the perfect setting for my Film-Noir inspired theme and I was so pleased with the effort everyone made, not only with their cakes but with their outfits:

We had really fantastic staff on duty who were willing to humour us, playing my Noir playlist over the speakers and even helping out when I assembled everyone for a film noir quiz. the prize was a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels that was meant to be a homage to all the Scotch drinking that was done back then, but I couldn't find a more authentic brand...
The stars of the show were the cakes though - they were so creative!! Here's just a few:

The Black Dahlia - Mugshot Number!

D.O.A Inspired
There was also my Neo-Noir 'Blue Velvet' cake and a couple we never took pictures of as we'd had some wine by then and just totally forgot! It was a fantastic evening and I really can't wait to see what everyone does for the 'Royalty:Past and Present' theme on May 24th. Of course there'll be more games and prizes and if anyone wants to recommend some songs for a Royal soundtrack that doesn't just include Prince and Queen then let me know! xox

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  1. I loved the night! So glad you took some cake pictures too! Re-live the yum! x



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