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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Eat Hearts, Sweethearts" Valentine's CCC

Pots of Tea Among the 'Pots'
Despite the current fascination with anatomy, and trends in 'subverting-the-form' when it comes to old ideas, I have to say Valentine's Day has ALWAYS been about anatomical hearts for me. In one way or another I've worked with Anatomy and Pathology for 10 years so the association has been a long one. I explored actual anatomical heart cakes in my project 'Eat Your Heart Out' (above) but for this CCC I just thought it would be nice to have my Pathology Museum (@BartsPathology) as the venue so that those who had never been could have a sneak peek at this amazing building, amongst the pathological 'pots' after dark...
One of the wonderful specimens under my care
And so it was the Shoreditch CCC sat amidst the real hearts (hearts like the above specimen) with endless cups of tea and delved into topics such as Valentine's dates we'd had in the past, what we planned to do this year and whether or not we'd seen a dead body....
I can't tell you how amazingly imaginative the cakes were and they tasted unbelievable! here's a selection:
Madeleine's 'Hot Date Passion Cake' with sticky date, choc and toffee
Louise's 'Red Velvet Surprise' with gorgeous gooey heart centre

But I think my favourite had to be Valentine-hating Tilly's 'Black Widow' cake (above) which was an incredibly exhilarating choking hazard experience full of chopped up plastic army men!!
We had wonderful 'special guests' in the form of Bethan and colleagues from the publisher Quercus who are of course responsible for making the Clandestine Cake Club cook-book a big success! For a review on that book read the previous post and there's a link to purchase at the top of this page so don't wait too long to get yours!
And I even did a Valentine/Hearts themed quiz with the prize being two lovely AVON lipsticks in the shape of a heart (I am an AVON Lady of course)
All in all it was a fab way to spend an evening a few days before Valentine's Day and we've already started on the next theme "Slice of Life: Dexter Cakes" in March.
Go to www.clandestinecakeclub.com to join the network and see you at an event soon xox


  1. Great write up, I had a lovely first meeting and am stealthily working my way through Dexter for inspiration (already on series 2!). One question, is it wrong I think I am in love with a serial killer??

  2. Not at all! I love hime too and funny enough just blogged about him on the other blog because Season 7 just started on Fox. I watched it all already though ;) x



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