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Friday, 23 March 2012

Clandestine Cake Club
 - The first rule of Cake Club is "You do not talk about Cake Club"
 - The second rule of Cake Club is "You do not talk about Cake Club"
(or something like that...)
Well actually the main rule of cake Club is "NO cupcakes, muffins, brownies, pies or tarts - it's all about CAKE"

Now the end of March is drawing near, I thought I'd officially post about how proud I am to be the organiser of the Shoreditch branch of the 'Clandestine Cake Club'. The CCC was founded in the summer of 2010 by Lynn Hill, who simply wanted a way to enjoy more tea, cake and conversation without having to do ALL the baking herself. Thus, the Cake Club was born and since then the network has grown to over 70 clubs, with international groups in Spain, Switzerland and New Zealand.

I first saw this group on The One Show on Feb 24th of this year; note that at the time (1 month ago) there were reportedly only 30 CCC groups....

You can also read Lynn's write-up of the day here:  http://clandestinecakeclub.co.uk/2012/02/16/leeds-the-one-show/
I e-mailed Lynn straightaway after checking her website and seeing there was no local group near me...in fact, hardly any in London at all! Poor Lynn was inundated with e-mail but within a few days I had a location and a date for my first meeting, and the Shoreditch CCC was born.
Since then the Clandestine Cake Club has been in many magazines and newspapers, and was even on the Alan Titchmarsh show on the 16th of this month (an accolade shared by my W.I Group, the Shoreditch Sisters.) 
It will also be on Lorraine Kelly's show around March 26th and there is a cookbook featuring the best of the CCC's recipes in the pipeline to be released soon...
If you'd like to join my group or the network in general, click on the above link and get registered. You can then apply to attend the specific events, and that is a necessary part of the process as it's the 'clandestine' part! The venue is never advertised until only a few days before so you need to be registered to find out where it is... It's also a good idea to register to let the organiser know what cake you're making (so there's no duplication) and if you intend to bring a guest. The theme changes every month, and next month I have a 'Film Noir' theme to really get those innovative and creative juices flowing.
So if you like to eat, bake and talk about cake then there's a place for you in a Cake Club near you.......... x0x


  1. Hello Carla! It's Martha from WI tonight! Just popping by to say hello! My internet is about to crash or something here at home (I can feel it coming on) so hopefully you will get this message. I'll add you on twitter too at work tomorrow. See you Thursday!! Martha x

  2. Hey! How are you? thanks for checking this out - and I hope to see you tonight, there'll be tons of cake to go around!



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