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Sunday, 25 March 2012

The 'Vintage Tea Party' Book - By Angel Adoree
On the way to a 1926 night at Troxy :)
What an absolutely beautiful book to own! I do love my Kindle as I'm an avid reader and it's easier for me to use that to carry the 10 books I can read in a week - but there is nothing better than holding a gorgeous book like this in your hands and going over its pages time and time again, in a big comfy chair.
And the best thing about it is it's not just a 'cook-book' but also has tips on how to source vintage china, make decorations and even get the perfect vintage look for your tea party. But because of the large range of subjects it covers, I was surprised at how sophisticated the recipes are. This is a 'grown-ups' cook book which includes dishes like smoked salmon souffle and brie & walnut savoury scones. It even includes so many things I've never even heard of...and I've been to a lot of tea parties! Coddled eggs, aspics...the list goes on.
Now I'm half Irish and half Gypsy, so I thought I was aware of every possible excuse to drink during the day...champagne breakfast, bloody mary, mulled cider etc. But even I haven't heard of "Athol Brose" - a delicious combination of cream, honey, whiskey and oats to be downed with your bacon and eggs. That's next on my list to try :)
Continuing the boozy theme, there is a gorgeous selection of tea cocktails such as a 'Tea-quila Sunrise' and a 'Tea-tini'. So who thought tea parties were twee and boring?? Of course there are also some amazing recipes for sweet treats but I don't want to spoil the surprise - go and get the book!
Angel herself is an amazing woman - you may remember her from Dragons Den (watch here):

and she was featured in one of my earliest blog posts: 
(See it here:  http://afternoon-tease.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/vintage-patisserie.html )
She's a down-to-earth 'local girl done good', always interested in corresponding and always expanding the business and thinking up new ideas. She tells me she's working on her second book at the moment and I for one can't wait to read it!
If you're in need of inspiration, style ideas or you simply want a good feed...this is the book for you xox

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