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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Shoreditch Clandestine Cake Club - Meeting 4 "Blitz Bakes": Ration Cakes
In order to be safe from the inevitable bombs dropping, I opted to have this 1940's Wartime Cake Club in the underground bunker known as Crimson Heart on Leonard Street.
Despite the cakes being made from only ration ingredients and in some cases original ration recipes, they were incredibly tasty! Here's a selection:
Hedgerow Drizzle, Date & Walnut and Eggless Fruit Cake etc
New attendees Jasmine, David, Madeleine, Tori, Jordan and Yvonne got right into the spirit of things by shoving my little Union Flags into the cakes and waiting patiently while we took the obligatory CCC photos to get everyone salivating. Here they all are!
From L-R, Yvonne, Maddy, Jordan, Jasmine, David, Tori
I gave David a prize for being the first male to attend Cake Club. Despite the fact that I always tend to have at least one man book every time, they don't turn up! Are they not aware that Cake Club is an untapped reservoir of lovely and talended ladies?!
The unusual thing about this event was that it was combined with my other event, a retro Avon tea party called Cake It On! which happens once every 3 weeks. Inevitably there was going to come a time when both events clashed, but that just made for a really interesting themed evening where I was able to give out relevant prizes for competitions and quizzes. The real wartime one was attempting to draw stocking seams down the back of your own legs...!
I need to have less tall friends!!
The prize for this was a fab British themed Baking Book and it went to Jasmine for doing very straight lines down BOTH legs! Great effort :)
As usual the evening did descend into chaos, and that always ensures that certain people (such as Martha who shall remain nameless...) use my quiz as an opportunity not to win the fabulous prize and instead to entertain us all. Cue the 'fill in the blanks' debacle which has given us such beauties as Anthea TURNER rather than Lana TURNER and GENE Simmons rather than GENE Tierney before... This time it was wartime baddies such as Herman Goring who became Herman MUNSTER haha.
Thankfully some people did take it seriously so here is the fabulous Kim recieving her prize of patriotic Avon earrings:

For more info on the rest of the night (and further pics), make sure you go to www.make-upbake-up.blogspot.co.uk for my other blog!! If you'd like to join the Clandestine Cake Club there is a link to the International network at the top of this  and then you can join my Shoreditch group :) xox

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